Creating a more relaxed everyday life through music, visual art & more

It's not an easy job, but somebody's gotta do it.

What Chillhop Music does

Us in a nutshell

Chillhop Music is an independent music label and curator from Rotterdam, focused on beats that blend hip hop with jazz and lofi. What once started as a passion project in 2013 from a small bedroom in the country side of the Netherlands, somehow grew out to a team of 25 smart and passionate people from all around the world working to make the world a more chill place through releasing great music & art.

Our widely recognized raccoon mascot bares some strong similarities to who we are as a company; rooted in nature but adjusted to city life. Seemingly calm and cute at the surface, but with a strong personality at the core. We'd like to think we also share their intelligence and problem solving abilities, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

In 2021, Chillhop Music expanded the feeling and atmosphere the music is based on by starting a café and clothing brand under the name Endless Sunday. 

Why Chillhop Music exists

As time passes, life tends to get more and more hectic and filled. The pressure of work, school, social connections and the omnipresent connection to the world through social media tends to disrupt the balance in people’s lives. There is an increasing need for ways to make life more relaxed, balanced, and for people to find a way to navigate through the hurdles of life whether it’s a big workload, finding ways to unwind or just creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

We believe that by showcasing and supporting the amazing creative output of people all around the world and by creating connections through this, we can make the world a more balanced and chill place.

Do you share this vision and would you like to join us on our journey to create a more relaxed everyday life by joining the Chillhop team? Then check out the open job positions below to see whether there’s a fitting position for you.

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Current openings

Currently we don't have any open positions.

What working at Chillhop Music means

Our perspective on taking care of the team

Working at Chillhop Music means working in a casual environment with a team of passionate and driven people who strongly share the same values. We're always in the pursuit of new opportunities that align with what we stand for, and on the management level our most important responsibilities include providing a work environment in which people feel as comfortable and motivated as possible.

We believe that the foundation of success lies in creating a workplace that people love. And since everyone is different, we offer as much flexibility as possible for people to be able to craft their ideal working setup. We seek to give employees the required tools to establish an optimal balance across every facet of their lives.

This flexibility and balance means sometimes putting in extra work to get a project done, and sometimes being able to take some extra time off to chill. Because ultimately the idea of getting enough relaxation and balance is what Chillhop Music stands for. We are always on the lookout for talented people who can identify themselves with our perspective on life and work, and share the same passion... So if that is you, we'd love to hear from you. 😉

Why join Chillhop?

  • Working in a creative and innovative environment
  • Flexible working hours and location
  • A highly international work environment
  • A great balance between work and fun
  • Working in a team that is passionate about the cause
  • Working at the forefront of music innovation
  • Catering to a strong and dedicated community of fans
  • Frequent office trips, drinks and dinners

The Chillhop HQ

2e IJzerstraat 6, 3024CX Rotterdam

Chillhop Headquarters

This is where we work.