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Streaming & DSP Specialist

Job description

Do you know the inner workings of streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube & Apple Music like the back of your hand? And do you have ideas on how to use that knowledge to improve our presence among all DSPs, as well as maintain and build relationships with key partners at these platforms? Then you might be a fit to become Chillhop Music's new Streaming & DSP Specialist.

About the role
In this role you will be working to maximize the performance of label releases on streaming platforms of all sizes, as well as work on growing our owned brand channels on all of the different DSPs. You will do this in different ways, the first being to work with the internal label and marketing team to optimize our releases and marketing efforts for performance on all platforms, giving advice and insights in terms of what works and where to focus our efforts. Next to that, you will be working on the DSPs themselves by both building and maintaining relationships with key partners and exploring unique opportunities on each platform. Additionally, you'll work on growing our owned channels on these platforms (label profiles, playlists, curator accounts, etc). You will be working both with individuals and tech/data/algorithms, so a strong understanding of both is important.

How you will collaborate within our team
  • You will be working within the release development process to give advice on how to optimize release campaigns for success on DSPs.
  • You will be working with the label team to tap into opportunities that streaming platforms offer such as DJ mixes, unique releases, and curated playlists.
  • You will be working with the marketing & brand team to optimize funnels for streaming success and represent the brand in the best way possible on DSPs.
  • You will be working with the data department to be able to see and visualize data in the best way possible in order to determine focus and spot opportunities.
  • You will be working with management to strategize and brainstorm about direction and focus, as well as discuss results.

What a typical day in this position looks like
You start the workday at home at 10am, opening up your Asana to see the tasks for the day as well as your agenda for any planned meetings and follow-up emails. Once your planning for the day is clear, you spend some time looking over statistics and trends of recent releases and playlist performance on different platforms to determine what worked and what didn't. You then take some time to explore what other labels, platforms and artists are doing on a specific platform and what features are available. Combining our own statistics with the observations on the platform, you come up with some ideas to test in terms of fine-tuning our owned channels.
At 1pm you have lunch and take a walk outside to clear your mind. 
After lunch, you spend some time reading up on general music industry news and catch up on interesting posts from contacts on LinkedIn. An hour later you have some appointments for digital calls with some account managers at DSPs to explore new opportunities. After that, you spend some time pitching upcoming releases to key platforms. Following that, you take some time to check out some releases on the label that are in the works both in terms of sound as well as narrative / concept, to get a feel of what would be good angles in terms of DSP promotions.
You end the day with a label meeting, discussing both upcoming releases as well as debriefing some recent releases. Sharing some opportunities that came in from DSPs, you get the right colleagues involved and create some tasks so they can get to work to make it happen.

The details
  • The salary, based on your knowledge and qualities, lies between €2600 and €3700,- monthly on a full-time payroll/employee basis. For remote/freelancers it's between €21 and €31 per hour.
  • Start date is as soon as possible
  • Both local and remote applicants can apply
  • Following applications, we will invite fitting candidates for a (digital) interview and optionally have a third round including a business case.
  • We offer an unlimited vacation policy for contract workers
  • We offer flexible working hours and location
  • We offer a creative, innovative and international environment and seek people that share the same passion
  • We strive to create a good balance between work and fun, and often organize trips & activities for people to get together

Working at Chillhop
At Chillhop Music we strive to create a more relaxed everyday life for our listeners and have built an engaged fanbase through that mindset over the last 10 years. Internally, we're a company that strives to find a balance between performance and keeping close to our ethos of being a creative company with strong morals and a creative vision. We are casual in the sense that we give flexibility and room for people to get the most out of themselves and work in a way most suitable to them. On the flipside, we bank on people's ability to get sh*t done and hold a strong sense of responsibility. We're a team of people that's passionate about what we do and motivated to bring great creative products to our listeners as well as serving the people creating those products in the best way possible.

Want to apply?
Are you getting excited by reading this and would like to apply or would like to learn more about this opportunity? We’d love to hear from you, and you can apply via the "apply" button on this page.
Please submit your interest, resume, and don’t forget to add a few reasons why you should be one of the applicants we invite for an interview.

We believe in equal opportunities and therefore we encourage people of any color, race, gender & sexuality to apply.

Recruiter contact

Ingrid Holthuis

+31 653473547


  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in a similar role
  • Excellent communication and relationship building skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Strong in being able to understand platforms and their workings (algorithms, SEO)
  • An entrepreneurial mind, being able to assess how to divide attention and spot opportunities among the high volume of available platform